Juan Antonio Gil de Lamadrid
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Rama Familiar: México


Don Bartolome Antonio Gil de Lamadrid - Villa de Treseño, Santander, España



Juan Antonio Gil de Lamadrid Escalante - María Gertrudis Paula Perez de Tagle
Juan Antonio Gil de Lamadrid born in Villa de Treseño, Obispado de Santander, Spain 

Juan Antonio Gil de Lamadrid -  Manuela Peres de Tagle (2nd marriage)

Hijos - Children
Jose Manuel Gil de Lamadrid - Maria Francisca Barrera - April 23, 1807
Maria del Carmen Visenta Gil de Lamadrid Barrera
Maria de la Luz Gil de Lamadrid - Tiburcio Gomez De La Madrid - June 1814
Maria Trinidad Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
    ● Mercedes Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
Marina Gomez Gil de Lamadrid (bautismo: July 14, 1815)
Benito Gomez Gil de Lamadrid (bautismo: March 26, 1817)
Jose Crispin Rafael Gomez Gil de Lamadrid (bautismo: January 12, 1820)
Maria de los Angeles Gil de Lamadrid - Tiburcio Gomez De La Madrid
Ana Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
Antonio Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
    ● Avelino Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
Concepcion Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
Dolores Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
Francisco Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
Juan Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
Luz Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
Tiburcio Gomez Gil de Lamadrid
Jose Martin Andres Gomez Gil de Lamadrid (bautismo: November 15, 1821)
   Maria Merced Lina Cleofas Josefa Gomez Gil de Lamadrid (09/25/1823)
Maria Guadalupe Leogarda Gomez Gil de Lamadrid (bautismo: 06/12/1827)
Paulino Gomez Gil de Lamadrid (bautismo: June 27, 1829)
Maria Josefa Gil de Lamadrid - Manuel Francisco Rois June 06, 1802)
Jose Casiano Gil de Lamadrid -  Maria Dolores Padilla y Arnas
Jose Casiano Gil de Lamadrid - Maria Josefa Valdez  (2do matrimonio)
Maria Margarita Gil de Lamadrid - Manuel Salido - (Bautismo 11/12, 1797)
Maria Balvanera Gil de Lamadrid
Juan José Eugenio Gil de Lamadrid - Gertrudis Barreda - April 07, 1853
Maria Geronima Gil de Lamadrid - Jose Ignacio Felix  (Bautismo: 10/03/ 1799)
Maria Dolores Camila Gil de Lamadrid - Francisco Torres - 07/11/1802
   Guadalupe Torres Gil de Lamadrid
   Josefa Torres Gil de Lamadrid - Juan Quiros  
      Petra Quiros Gil de Lamadrid
  "The family name of Gil de Lamadrid has suffered a number of changes, due probably to carelessness of writers and also to familiar usage among relatives. In the church records of Alamos, Mexico the name appears "Gil de Lamadrid", Gil de la Madrid:, and frequently as "Gil" alone, under which name appears Maria Dolores, daughter of Antonio Gil de Lamadrid, and she so signed herself. It was commonly believed that the family name was simply "de Lamadrid", and that "Gil" was part of a given name which the descendants of Antonio Gil de Lamadrid had gradually adopted and made part of the surname, but the "Abolengos", mentioned in the Addenda, prove this to be an error, and that the family name is properly as written at the beginning of this paragraph.".......Ernest Koch; 1901.  

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